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about us

Short Attention Span Girl is an ongoing adventure and experiment in crafting, writing, graphic design, cleverness, and having an all-around good creative time. We're located in the Seattle area, so you may see us popping up at some local art & craft shows if you too are lucky enough to live in the most beautiful part of the world.


Short Attention Span Girl is a way of life. It means never being stuck in one rut, but joyfully gallavanting from rut to rut in search of new adventures.

Short Attention Span Girl is also the secret identity of Melleny Thomasson, a former English teacher, former vision researcher, former trade show worker, former marketing manager, and hopeless scanner/Renaissance Soul who is addicted to creativity, learning new things, and sharing it all with anyone who'll listen.




None of this would exist without the help, encouragement, and brain power of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Boy. You may have seen this meticulous wonderboy sporting his Minion shirt at local craft shows.





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