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button designs:
boris the travel monkey

Where will he go next? Share the adventures of Boris the Travel Monkey.

Boris's Many Adventures
boris at playa del carmen, mexico boris drinking barena beer in honduras boris drinking belikin beer in belize boris watching boris on cabin tv aboard ncl spirit boris with the cabe tubing vests in belize
playa del carmen
enjoy barena beer
enjoy belikin beer
boris on cabin tv
n.c.l. spirit
cave tubing vests
boris on the dfw airport tram boris on some steps in the french quarter, new orleans boris at acme oyster house in new orleans boris in the french quarter, new orleans boris in jackson square, new orleans
aboard the tram
dfw airport
naughty monkey
new orleans
acme oyster house
new orleans

french quarter
new orleans

jackson square
new orleans

boris on the docks at roatan, honduras boris at a scenic overlook in honduras boris at the tulum ruins in mexico boris at a scenic view in tulum, mexico  
roatan docks
scenic overlook
tulum ruins
scenic tulum
Boris also approves of these other travel-related buttons
don't eat the danish mayan calendar - borrow 20 bucks mexi-can    
don't eat danish
mayan calendar


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boris the travel monkey

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