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jet city rollergirls

Short Attention Span Girl is proud to be a 2009 Season Sponsor for the Jet City Rollergirls, as well as a team sponsor for Camaro Harem.

We love a lot of things about the Jet City Rollergirls. They promote an image of tough, ass-kicking women, provide a positive community for women of all backgrounds, and put on a darn good show.

Learn more about Jet City Rollergirls and Camaro Harem.

And look at the buttons we've made to support Camaro Harem and roller derby in general:

Camaro Harem logo buttonI heart roller derby buttonpretty. fast. girls. buttonFresh meat buttonDerby girls get around buttonBlood is the new pink buttonCamaro Harem car buttonHell on wheels buttonEmbrace your inner mullet buttonHugs & bruises buttonI'm in ur pack blockin ur jammr buttonIf you can't play nice buttonTalk derby to me buttonSkate fast, turn left buttonI heart my derby girl buttonI love my derby girl buttonProud derby dad buttonProud derby mom buttonProud derby kid button2009 Camaro Harem team button